Friday, May 13, 2005

Great Rally on May 11th!

From CSUEU Administrator Virginia Watts:
Great Rally on May 11th! 70 + CSUEU members volunteered their own time to journey to the Chancellor's Office to the Board of Trustees and demand Raises, Rights, Respect! And there were many other rallies with hundreds of CSUEU and CFA employees on campuses to support our cause.

Here's the message: "As reopener bargaining begins CSUEU employees will not be passed over again. We are essential to the mission of the CSU and we need appropriate compensation for the crucial services we provide.

We are the first-line employees who meet, greet, and facilitate student access to the University. We are doing more and more with less and less. Don't use our salary savings to redecorate offices, provide adminstrative perks, or new buildings. Support your staff, or we won't be able to support you."

See our website soon for pics and quotes. Stay tuned -- there's much more to follow.


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