Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tell your members of Congress that you oppose CAFTA!

The time to act is now!

Despite being passed by the Senate, we still have a chance to stop CAFTA when it goes to the House of Representatives. A formal CAFTA vote is most likely to take place THIS WEEK, so the time to act is now. Our representatives NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU in order for them to make the right decision. That is, they need to hear from you why you oppose CAFTA!
Please take a minute of your time and send a letter to your representative by going to:
[This Link]
In Solidarity,
South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):
Representative Anna Eshoo (if you live in CA, and in district 14)
Representative Mike Honda (if you live in CA, and in district 15)
Representative Nancy Pelosi (if you live in CA, and in district 8)
Representative Richard Pombo (if you live in CA, and in district 11)
Representative Sam Farr (if you live in CA, and in district 17)
Representative Zoe Lofgren (if you live in CA, and in district 16)

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: I urge you to oppose CAFTA

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

I urge you to oppose DR-CAFTA, the Dominican Republic-Central American Trade Agreement that President Bush is sending to Congress.

This trade agreement will harm US and Central American workers, environmental and consumer protections.

Under NAFTA, California lost thousands of jobs, and we cannot afford to loose any more. CAFTA would give new protections to US multinational companies for operating outside the country. At the same time, CAFTA would reduce protections for workers - here and in Central America.

In addition, our worker, consumer, and environmental protections that are passed by the federal or state government can be challenged by foreign investors.

CAFTA's provisions would undermine many common state purchasing laws and preferences, handcuffing state governments with restrictive "trade" rules that limit legislators' policy options to promote good jobs and a healthy environment. CAFTA's provisions are an unwarranted usurpation of!  state sovereignty. Our state has much to lose, but little to gain, by signing up to CAFTA's purchasing rules.

Please voice your opposition to this trade agreement.


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