Sunday, October 09, 2005

More General Council Podcasts

Here are some recordings of conversations from early Sunday October 9, 2005; the second day of CSEA General Council 63 in Anaheim:

Conversation with myself [mp3 audio file link]
While brewing my morning coffee I ruminate about Andy Sterns talk to the CSU delegation, the events of the previous couple of days, this podcast and how emerging technology can be used in the labor movement.
Conversation with Donna Snodgrass [mp3 audio file link]
A brief conversation with Vice President candidate Donna Snodgrass about running without being on a slate of officers.
Conversation with Jennifer Oneal-Watts [mp3 audio file link]
First time GC delegate Jennifer Oneal-Watts shares her impressions of GC 63. Jennifer Oneal-Watts is from CSU Sacramento and is also that chapter's unit 7 rep and is on the statewide BU 7 committee.
Conversation with Hylah Jacques [mp3 audio file link]
A brief conversation while walking up to the voting room. Hylah is a candidate for Executive Vice President of CSEA.
Conversation with Russell Kilday-Hicks and Joseph Jelincic [mp3 audio file link]
Joseph Jelincic, the son of the CSEA president and Russel speak about this GC, CSEA politics and the elections.
Conversation with Ray Reynolds and Mike Roskey [mp3 audio file link]
Ray Reynolds is from DLC 789 and Mike Roskey is from DLC 767 of SEIU Local 1000. They both also are supporters of the Committee for a Democratic Union. They speak here about General Council and the common ground we all have as state workers.

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