Monday, November 07, 2005

San Jose State Union Documents

I am posting this to let folks know about the democratic traditions of our union. These are not the official and current versions. These documents speak about that tradition and what the role of your chapter and state-wide leadership is. These are not the official versions, but they are the best I have and are pretty darn close:

  • CSUEU (San Jose) Chapter By-Laws
    These are the rule under which our chapter functions and describe things like elections, the budget, committees, officer's duties and responsibilities.
  • CSU Division policy file
    Again, this is not the official version. Policy file outlines the policies and procedures of the statewide university employee organization. Outlined in here are many things about how the union operates. Also here are an employee's rights inside the union itself. The division policy file supercedes chapter by-laws in the event of a contradiction between them. The chapter by-laws have to conform to policy file. Items in here include how an employee can file a grievance within the union if he/she feels that either of these two documents are not being adhered to.


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