Friday, June 30, 2006

Staff contract extended 31 days at SJSU

Employees picketing at SJSU

Staff union contract extended 31 days
I first reported this as 30 days, according to a memo from the union it is 31 days! My bad...
On the last day of the existing statewide contract between between the California State University and the California State University Employees Union, both sides agreed to extend the contract for 31 days. Today was the last day of this negotiation session that has been at SJSU for the last three days. This is what the union just sent out:

"The CSUEU bargaining team reports that the contract has been extended for 31 days - up to July 31, 2006. A bargaining update will be issued early next week"

Negotiations are scheduled to resume on July 10 at San Francisco State University.


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